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Infantile spasms awareness week
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What is Infantile Spasms

Tamara Cochran

Well I am a proud momma of three, two blue and one pink. Our pink, was the third to arrive... Miss. Abigail Grace. Her arrival was met with a series of books on medical acronym's, words, insurance questions and jargon, testing procedures, medical bills, how to's, don't know how too's, lists, paperwork, forms up the wazoo, massive amounts of kleenex boxes, dumb founded faces, shrugging shoulders, blank stare's and these were all from the doctors! What if's, what not's, I don't wanna go there's, Why me Lord? Why her? A Google doctorate degree in 9 months, Infantile Spasms, what? Epilepsy, Bi-lateral stroke, Cleft pallet, Globally Delayed, Hypatomic, Hip Dysplasia, G-tube, Blindness, Surgeries, PICU's, NICU's and so on!

Is Heroes Award Absolutely not an easy road to journey, but one we were asked to travel with this sweet fragile bundle of pink.

After 6 years later we are breathing, we "get" how to roll with the punches, we now embrace her life with joy and excitement and anticipate what is around the corner for her in becoming the best of what she can be.

Abby, unfortunately suffered about 4 years with seizures and all the horrible up's and down's, trial & error with meds that did not work. She suffered a bi-lateral stroke and now is 100% dependent upon me to care for her with all her ADL's, sorry... I know another acronym... that's "Activities of Daily Living." Our life is a new normal that is beginning to wear in like a good pair of shoes. We have our days, even weeks and yes, sometimes months. We know trials and the waves they ride in on. Our "surf boards" are equipped with patience, love and understanding; we take things for only that day and do the next thing when things are tough. My motto "Don't cross that bridge until you get there." I understand and know and have been weathered to this journey you are now walking.

Breathe... it's going to be o.k.

I know you are being asked to swallow the state of Hawaii right now and it is overwhelming, I understand. If you would like an ear to listen I am here for you. This too shall pass... and with that much strength and growth.

To connect with me email tcantiquity@gmail.com